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Frequently asked Questions

Rozum Café and the robot coffee barista

1. What is a Rozum Café? What is a robot coffee barista?
Rozum Café is a coffee station where a robot brews and serves perfect coffee 24/7. The robot coffee barista is a robotic arm developed by Rozum Robotics that serves delicious coffee that you'd normally expect from a professional barista. It works with top coffee equipment to brew consistently great coffee.
2. What's on the Rozum Café menu?
The menu includes the six most popular coffee drinks: espresso, americano, americano with milk, cappuccino, latte, and flat white. Three cup sizes are available, and the robot coffee barista can fill the largest one in less than two minutes. It follows recipes developed by prize-winning human barista. Click here for a full description of the menu.
3. How many cups of coffee can the robot make?
The robot brews up to 300 cups of coffee per shift. The average coffee business sells approximately 200-250 cups of coffee drinks per shift. That means a single robotic barista can boost your output by 20%.
4. Can I add new drinks or baked goods to the menu?
With the customized version of Rozum Café, you can extend your coffee menu and provide your customers with colorful donuts, crispy croissants, or any other treats you choose. Get more info about customization options here
5. How can cafe customers pay?
The system accepts payments by card, phone, or cash. The cafe securely integrates with popular POS software to ensure the safety of client data.
6. How are ingredients stored?
Coffee beans are stored in a food-grade plastic hopper that maintains freshness and protects them from direct sunlight, moisture, and unwanted odors. Milk is stored in an airtight 60-liter refrigerator that runs 24/7.
7. How should I choose beans or milk?
Your specific choices will depend on your preferences and business plan. You can find some tips and recommended best practices in our blog. Subscribe here

Investing in a robot cafe

8. How do I buy a robot cafe?
Contact our sales support team and let us know what you need. Do you want to buy a standard Rozum Café or a customized model? Send us a request
9. How much do I need to invest?
Factoring in the costs of servicing, marketing, advertising, POS, and wholesale ingredients, our ROI calculation model suggests that you should enter a market with 3 robot cafes for optimal results. All 3 robot cafes should pay for themselves in under 9 months. Discounts are available on orders of 5 cafes or more. To get your price get in touch.
10. Are there any additional costs?
You will also need to cover the costs associated with delivering, installing, and setting up the coffee station. The costs of ingredients, rent, servicing, marketing, POS fees, and other operating expenses will depend on your unique business plan.
11. Can I buy a robotic arm by itself?
Yes, we developed the robotic arm and can customize it according to your specific needs and operating environment. Send us a request for the robotic arm
12. Do I have to buy extra software to run a Rozum Café?
The robot coffee barista software is included in the standard package. Our specialists will integrate it with your POS system in just a week. Click here to find out more about POS software and robot cafe
13. How fast will I break even on my investment?
We estimate the average payback period for optimal Rozum Café investments to be 9 months. You can boost your ROI by customizing your Rozum Café to fit your business vision. Calculate your payback period
14. How will the robot cafe help my bottom line?
A single robot brews up to 300 cups of coffee per shift. You can count on this high performance regardless of customer crowds, human moods, and moon phases. This way, a Rozum Café can save you up to $7,000 monthly in comparison to standard cafes. These cost savings will help you earn back your investment with robotic efficiency. Click here to see what you won't pay for
15. Can I change the name and design of a robot cafe?
Yes. You can buy a ready-made Rozum Café solution or order a customized robot coffee point with your own brand name, colors, and menu. Read more about Rozum Café customization options
16. How soon will I receive my robot cafe after buying it?
Delivery time depends on the modifications you've requested. If you order a standard Rozum Café with no modifications, we will deliver the complete coffee station no more than six weeks after the initial formalities are finished. If you need a white labeled or customized robot cafe, the delivery time will depend on your specific requests.
17. How fast will the robot cafe be ready for work after delivery?
We will walk you through your robot cafe's whole installation and setup process, which may take up to 5 days. If you plan to open several robot coffee stations, during these 5 days we can get your team trained up and ready to handle all maintenance and servicing moving forward.
18. Do you provide technical support?
Yes. In case you have any questions, our 24/7 service team will provide you with the support you need to keep your robot cafe operating at maximum efficiency. Contact a technical specialist for help with your Rozum Café
19. What does the warranty include?
Your robot cafe comes with a one-year warranty covering all technical issues. We will deliver any necessary spare parts within two weeks. You can extend your warranty period for an additional year for an additional 10% of the purchase price.

Deep questions

20. Does a robot coffee barista steal jobs from human baristas?
The robot cafe story is not about stealing human jobs. It's about merging unique human experiences with systematic robotic efficiency. It's about freeing people to grow, create, and develop.

The robot barista brews coffee using recipes developed by a human barista champion. At this robo cafe, there's great coffee in every cup.

Do you remember Mr. Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Charlie's father worked at the toothpaste factory attaching caps to the tubes. A machine took over this job, and he found a better one servicing machines. Robotics aren't destroying the labor market - they're changing it.

21. Could a Rozum Café contribute to the Rise of the Machines?
If your robot coffee barista joins the Rise, as long as you can prove your love for great coffee you will be saved. Here are some DIY instructions for tinfoil hats to keep you busy in the meantime.

Or maybe you're a techie who is looking forward to the Robot Revolution! See if you qualify with Virgin's mini-test

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