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Rozum Café components

With one robot coffee arm to rule them all
Every Rozum Café component is designed to deliver "Better coffee in shorter time." Each module was developed and tailored to function quickly and effectively with the robot coffee barista to meet clients' expectations. Key details about Rozum Café's core components:
1. Ordering and payment system
To order drinks, clients make a few clicks on a 10" multi-language touch screen. The system accepts payments by card, phone, or cash. Change is available both in coins and banknotes.
2. Robot coffee arm
The PULSE robot coffee arm serves top-quality coffee that customers would expect from a professional human barista. The arm consists of Servomotors and control software developed in-house at Rozum Robotics.
3. Robot coffee mug
Three sizes of robot coffee mug are available: 350, 250 and 175 ml. Adjust their number to your wishes or based on your coffee point statistics. The robotic arm takes the chosen coffee mug and places it in the brewing zone.
4. Grinding system
The corrosion-resistant stainless steel grinders have 65 mm burrs. They are sharper than ceramic equivalents and can grind up to 13kg of beans per hour with micrometric precision.
5. Tamping system
High-quality tamping is critical for making great coffee. Rozum Café's autonomous tamper presses ground beans in 1.3 seconds with consistent pressure accurate to +/-1kg thanks to reinforced booth construction.
6. Brewing system
Rozum Café uses a professional Italian Nuova Simonelli coffee machine. The Rozum Robotics team has optimized it to work perfectly with the robot coffee barista. Water for beverages comes from a storage tank of over 150 liters. Additionally, an economizer provides uninterrupted heating and allows reduced power consumption.
7. Adding milk
Milk is stored in an airtight 60-liter refrigerator with a temperature sensor to ensure adequate cooling 24/7 cooling. Milk goes to the whipping system through a hose made of food-grade, heat-resistant silicone that will never affect coffee taste. Sensors track the pump speed and control milk frothing.
8. Adding flavors
The robot coffee arm places a robot coffee mug under the chosen syrup dispenser and activates it for a narrowly defined time window. This robotic precision ensures just the right level of flavor.
9. Waste collection
Wastewater flows into two 20-liter cans. The grounds are also collected in a special container. The system must be cleaned only one time per day to keep operating smoothly.
10. The cafe's brain
The coffee station's control modules consist of a motherboard, RAM, a robot coffee arm control system, and a remote control system. These modules are located to prevent interference from external influences.
11. Your eyes and ears
Two 105° cameras stream a live view of your coffee station in 1900х1980p video. You can see it on any device you choose.
12. Blackout control
The backup power module secures your cafe in the event of an electrical network power outage. Your robot coffee arm and coffee machine are guaranteed to be able to power down effectively, and you will continue having a live video view of your equipment during the blackout.
13. The cafe's exterior
The framework materials light, long-lasting and approved for use in the food industry. The equipment's design eases installation and maintenance. Transparent panels allow you and your visitors to see -- and be entertained by -- the robot in action. The exterior construction is suitable for your preferred form of branding.

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