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Robot barista ROI

3 robot cafes should pay for themselves in under 11 months

A standard Rozum Café includes all technical components, professional coffee equipment, a robot coffee barista, and software. Our ROI calculation model suggests that you should enter a market with 3 robot cafes for optimal results. All 3 robot cafes should pay for themselves in under 11 months.

You can boost your ROI by adjusting your Rozum Café to your business vision. Make your robot coffee point eco-friendly by limiting napkins and providing bamboo stirrers. How about a healthy sugar-free cafe? Or one for dairy lovers where all coffees have milk in them? You can also earn back your robot barista price by using it to support your main business.
These cost savings will help you earn back your investment with robotic efficiency. NO MORE PAYING FOR:
  • Salaries, holiday bonuses, or overtime
  • Social security and medicare taxes
  • Employee trainings and courses
  • Branded clothing for employees
  • All you need for a Rozum Café are 5 m space and electricity. Property owners love high-tech tenants - expect preferential rates!
  • With Rozum Café, all consumables are used with robotic accuracy. The robotic barista ensures fair consumption of water, beans, milk, and flavors.
  • Everyone can see what the robot is doing through transparent panels. With every new client's video or photo, your business becomes more viral on social media.

3 Ways to monetize your robotic coffee shop

Investments in robotics tend to pay off predictably fast, as many risks are measurable and controllable. Make back the robot barista price, with a clear picture of what you're paying for and what you stand to earn.

A robotic barista is a flexible, innovative coffee solution for your business. You can use it to start your own robotic coffee shop or as a hi-tech addition to your main business. Your options are wide open! Popular ideas include:

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The barista robot has an estimated payback period of 11 months. Download our Financial Calculator and see your own Rozum Café ROI model.
Apart from technical customization, Rozum Robotics provides its clients' outlook customization as part of its COMPLIMENTARY package irrespective of the order size.