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A Taste of the future
The Dawn of Automation
Rozum Cafe has been featured in the 5th Wave Magazine by Allegra World Coffee Portal. Read the article below to learn more details!
You're witnessing the dawn of automation in the world of coffee!

If you're genuinely interested in what to expect in the coming years, you should get the latest issue of the 5THWave magazine as soon as possible. It's a deep exploration of how a new generation of automated coffee concepts could become important tools delivering quality hospitality at scale in the post-pandemic world. And we took part in facilitating this detailed research as well!

For this issue, a Rozum Café representative and Chief Commercial Officer Eugene Kovalenko shared our thoughts on the future of automation--as well as some exciting news from our team!

We've got plenty of upgrades recently: an increased output, better speed, and, of course, new coffee drinks to enjoy.

Read the full story here.

Magazine: 5THWAVE

Date: July 13, 2021