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Or how to build a coffee business when the whole world is in panic mode.
Hard times for leisure and food spheres are coming – pandemics and shutdowns of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Things seem to get crazy these days. At the same time, some sociologists say that the whole situation is a powerful driver for ultimate changes in our work and lifestyle. Changes that, to be honest, we've already felt even before the corona outbreak. Changes that we should accept, and try to take the best of the situation.
Firstly, businesses are going online

For those companies that are not bound to on-place production, online is becoming the second open-space (with no rent). All the conferences and meet-ups, task distribution and docs signing - everything can be done without the early nervous driving through the queues to the work or several hours of suffering in the bus (full of hidden social contact dangers, viruses, and bacteria).

How can restaurant and café businesses react? The easiest option for existing businesses could be the food delivery. Those cafes that have an online menu have already rearranged their work in a way that allows them to take more online orders and provide the contactless delivery. We predict the increased popularity of food bloggers, who will go and estimate the dishes offline. The subscribers then could make a home delivery order just a few minutes after clicking the like button.

If you planned to open your own small cafeteria, the robot coffee machines could be the right tool for fulfilling your business ideas. You don't have to search for a barista or a waiter, you don't have to be in the place to control the work.

Everything you should do as the robotic business owner is to control the daily statistics that are collected by your POS, and the live cameras can provide you with the 24/7 view on your business from anywhere.
Secondly, distance is healthy

It sounds like a sociophobic slogan, doesn't it? But due to the latest prognosis, this pandemic wave might not be the last one, and we all should learn how to take care of our personal space even in the overcrowded cities.

The robotic coffee station is a perfect match for today's challenges – a fear of shoulder-to-shoulder queues and increased hygiene requirements. A robotic barista does not have direct contact with other visitors (and, technically, you don't contact other people at all), the working area of the coffee station is protected by the glass walls.
Thirdly, you have to be flexible and autonomous to survive

A fast fish is hard to catch into the snares. With the technologies at the core of your business, you have an option to rearrange your café's strategy very quickly and make changes within a few hours without having to go through the miles of bureaucracy, reconciliations, and rearrangements. When your robotic barista is autonomous, you are autonomous, too. In the case of the curfew, you can quickly organize the work of your robotic café particularly during these hours and calculate the required supplement amount based on the POS statistics. In case of the total isolation and quarantine, you just have to pull out the cable. In case you want to move your business to another city or country, all you have to do is reinstall the station, transport it and collect it in the other place. The assembling will take less than a week.
Fourthly, instead of investing in precious metals, invest in working metals

At times when the dollar, euro, yuan and ruble are changing every day in some unpredictable hysterical dance, many try to find the niches to invest in and to get back the investments later, when the situation will be regulated.

Nobody can predict what will happen to the world-leading currencies. Nobody wants to invest in businesses that are tied too much to people's on-place presence and close cooperation. So it's likely that regular café businesses won't experience the best times in the next few years.

But people still need delicious food and good coffee. Specialty coffee without special staff and interior investments is what the robot coffee machines and the robotic café are about. Robot is not a piece of metal; it is a piece of metal that will work even if the whole world won't.
To sum up

Some are now taking the waiting attitude, others are paralyzed, and the third are realizing that changes are here and they are here to stay.

Whatever, 'it's not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable'.