R/CAFE is a robotic barista designed to make best coffee in town and to provide its customers with the most non-intrusive service ever.
first robotized coffee shop in europe
Everybody loves coffee. But often your favourite drink tastes different.
We united our 2 passions - robots and coffee - to get best taste and service ever.

Robotic barista R/CAFE prepares only top coffee carefully following the recipe. It was trained by the world champion among human baristas. The robot uses high-tech coffee equipment and never makes mistakes. It takes you just a few clicks to order a drink and make payment.

Strong coffee
flat white
Double espresso with
steamed milk
Espresso with steamed milk
Espresso with milk and milk foam
Americano with milk
Espresso with water and milk
Espresso with milk
Top quality and same taste of coffee with no human factor
No need to hire and train personnel
No language barrier
No tax and salary expanses on human labour
No sick-days, no vocations, never tired
Remote access and control
Thinking about bringing R/CAFE to you place? Or want to have your own custom robotics project? Don't hesitate, just contact us.